DOG N ROLL 17,5cm orange

Our interactive dog roll offers your dog a lot of fun and also a reward while playing. Our dog roller 3 in 1 consists of one roll and two drawers with a rope. Pull the drawers out, fill them with dry food or small treats and close them, so that the filled drawer faces to the large bone-shaped openings. In the first locked position the small treats can fall through the big openings while the dog is playing with it and rolling it and your dog gets a reward. When your dog achieved the task, you can make the second difficulty level: pull out the drawer completely and put them back in that way that the filled drawers face to the side with the smaller openings. The dog can smell the treats through the small openings but nothing will fall out. Now your dog has to find out that he has to pull the rope to open the drawer in order to get his reward. Our Dog Roll ensures that your pet is more vital and trains his skills.